Results not Words

I think confidence and credibility go a long way in proving whether you have something to offer.

For the longest time I was stuck in an ideological state that I believed you needed to be ’credentialed’ or ’certified’ to do what you wanted to do in life.

After taking a few leaps and falling hard on my face, I found the credentials, did not make my fall any softer.

In fact, sometimes they weighed me down and made me fall harder.

Here’s what I believe now.

  1. It doesn’t matter what you know

1A. It matters what you can do.

You can get certified in all the cloud providers you want, you can hold every salesforce development certification, but if you don’t provide value, none of that matters.

There is a big sense of entitlement that we bring to the table when looking for opportunities. Yes, we may believe that we deserve acknowledgement and praise for all the great things that we have done. However, if that thing you did, didn’t bring value to anybody, did it really happen?

Just because something is valuable to you, doesn’t make it valuable to the market.

Results speak louder than certificates.