A soliloquy of love

Give it all up to me.
Look beyond the words and hear the voice.
That voice that you hear.
That voice is me.

In truth that voice is you.
We’re not so different you and me.
So why not give up the illusion of separation?
Why not let it all go and come back home?

We’ve all been here waiting and,
You don’t seem to have found,
what you were looking for.

So why not return to me?
Why not let me love you?
Why not let me show you
that you never really went anywhere.

I’ve been sitting waiting,
beside you the whole time.
Waiting for you to realize,
That you and the truth,
Were always one.

You and I are one.
We’re the same you and me.

Out of many,

I Am That I Am.
And I say,
I’ve always loved you.
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Riley Seaburg spreading his arms in front of a Lake
My name is
Riley Seaburg!

I’m a 29 year old entrepreneur and public servant. I love helping people like you find your place in the world. While I’m still finding my way as well the best way to get where you want to go is to help other people get there first!


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