Transcending Suffering

Transcending suffering does not mean the elimination of pain or discomfort from the physical body.

Transcending suffering means you are no longer identified with the pain or discomfort in the physical body.

We live in a dense reality as such there will be an enormous amount of discomfort.

Discomfort creates growth from one point or another.

When you stop identifying with the discomfort or the suffering you are free to identify with the truth of what you are (the one who is growing.)

But you see you’re more than just somebody who is growing.

You are somebody who Spirit is changing them from the inside out.

All your hopes and dreams, all your aspirations, the things that keep you going.

This is who you truly are.

You are not the form or the physical body experiencing discomfort.

You are the essence or the Spirit of what that body is moving through that body to discover who you are and what you could do.

As long as you identify with the current pain or discomfort you find yourself in, you will be blind to the truth.

The truth is you put yourself in that position so you would transcend that experience or limitation and include the lessons you learned doing so as you move forward.

The next step is not necessary but seems to be a byproduct of knowing the truth.

The next step is to teach the truth.

Each one teach one.

By my words you shall know that I Am.

Love and blessings.


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