Oh Holy One

Jesus never asked for you to accept him before he would take away your sin.

Jesus sacrificed himself so you would finally see there is no sin.

You can do no wrong in the eyes of God.

None of God’s children have ever sinned.

In truth we’re all born holy and sanctified.

You may need to wash yourself in the holy spirit,

But that doesn’t mean you aren’t holy.

It just means your spiritual body is dirty.

Whether or not you accept Jesus and the mindset he held as the Christ matters not.

What matters is that you realize the perfection that is in even the wart on your foot.

You are blessed.

So be it.

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Riley Seaburg spreading his arms in front of a Lake
My name is
Riley Seaburg!

I’m a 29 year old entrepreneur and public servant. I love helping people like you find your place in the world. While I’m still finding my way as well the best way to get where you want to go is to help other people get there first!


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