A Message From Source

Everybody will wake up.
It is destined that every soul will return to the creator via the law of the circle.

Please do not identify with the “I” that may think or not think something about another fellow soul.

This “I” is an imposter and is not truly you.

Dig deeper and see through the emotion and the logic that the extended body and mind create.

Stay at the center of your being which knows the truth of all things.

Distortions will enter the mind the further out you drift from your center.

Eventually your center will expand to encompass your family, town, state, country, world eventually you will become a galactic citizen and begin identifying with it all.

If your service has already started please disregard what I have said and turn to your teacher for further guidance.

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Riley Seaburg spreading his arms in front of a Lake
My name is
Riley Seaburg!

I’m a 29 year old entrepreneur and public servant. I love helping people like you find your place in the world. While I’m still finding my way as well the best way to get where you want to go is to help other people get there first!


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